0043. Jacques Brel – Enregistrement Public à l’Olympia 1964 [1964]


Well, I kind of felt like this guy on the cover when I listened to this album.  Wasn’t exactly thrilled, but it wasn’t terrible.  This is a genre called “chanson,” (pronounced shan-son).  I’d heard of the genre before this album, but it didn’t sound like this.  Anyway, check it out.  If ya dig it, cool.  If not, eh.

Wikipedia Says:

Enregistrement Public à l’Olympia 1964 is Jacques Brel‘s second live album. Also known as Olympia 64, the album was reissued in an extended version on 23 September 2003 under the title Enregistrement Public à l’Olympia 1964 as part of the 16-CD box set Boîte à Bonbons by Barclay (980 817-1).[1][2] The album is listed in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Track listing

All tracks composed by Jacques Brel, except where noted.

  1. Amsterdam
  2. “Les Timides”
  3. “Le Dernier Repas”
  4. “Les Jardins du casino” (Brel / Gérard Jouannest)
  5. “Les Vieux” (Brel / Jouannest)
  6. “Les Toros” (Brel / Jouannest)
  7. “Tango funèbre” (Brel / Jouannest)
  8. Le Plat Pays
    Bonus tracks on 2003 CD-reissue
  9. “Les Bonbons” (Brel / Jouannest)
  10. “Mathilde”
  11. “Les Bigotes” (Brel / Jean Corti)
  12. “Les Bourgeois”
  13. “Jef”
  14. “Au suivant” (Brel / Jouannest / Corti)
  15. “Madeleine”


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