0027. The Everly Brothers – A Date With The Everly Brothers [1960]


The Everly Brothers sound like the Beatles in the early days.  Most of you probably have heard the song, “All I Have To Do Is Dream.”  That’s these guys, and the whole album has that feel to it.

It’s good stuff if you’re in the mood for oldies pop rock.  Yet another one I wouldn’t put on by choice any time soon, but I enjoyed it as part of this project.

Wikipedia Says:

A Date with the Everly Brothers is an album by the rock and roll duo the Everly Brothers, released in 1960. It peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Pop albums charts and reached No. 3 in the UK.

The song “Love Hurts” appears here for the first time. It would subsequently be covered by numerous other artists. Other than the “Cathy’s Clown“/”Always It’s You” single, all of the tracks on A Date with the Everly Brothers were recorded in just four sessions during July 1960.[2]

Track listing

Side One
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Made to Love” Phil Everly 2:05
2. “That’s Just Too Much” Don Everly, Phil Everly 2:40
3. “Stick With Me Baby” Mel Tillis 1:57
4. Baby What You Want Me to Do Jimmy Reed 2:20
5. “Sigh, Cry, Almost Die” Everly, Everly 2:18
6. “Always It’s You” Felice Bryant,Boudleaux Bryant 2:30
Side Two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. Love Hurts Boudleaux Bryant 2:23
2. Lucille Albert Collins, Little Richard 2:32
3. “So How Come (No One Loves Me)” Bryant, Bryant 2:18
4. “Donna, Donna” Bryant, Bryant 2:15
5. “A Change of Heart” Bryant, Bryant 2:07
6. Cathy’s Clown Everly, Everly 2:25


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