0013. Machito – Kenya [1957]


Aaaand, I’m back!  Man, I wish I’d picked this project back up when I got back to Jersey in 2012.  Ah well.  Still good to be back, and I really want to stay back… or stay here, or something.  Anyway, this album actually surprised me.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it actually sounds pretty awesome.  Like music you’d hear in a spy movie in the 60s.  Hell, it may very well have been used in something like that.  Either that, or it sounds like something you’d hear in the anime Cowboy Bebop.

I’m glad that I got it in me to start this project, because I kind of doubt I’d pick this album up on my own.  I wish more people would challenge themselves like that.  I feel like it’d be a much more interesting world, but who knows?  “Challenge,” is subjective, so it might be simple baby steps outside their comfort zones.  Maybe they’d retreat right back to their couch music and stay there, boring forevermore.  Ah well, I’m rambling.  Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about this album:

Wikipedia Says:

Actually, nothing.  There is no Wiki entry on this album.  For that matter, the entry on Sabu’s Palo Congo was pretty brief, too.  Oh well.  Still a good album, and those of you who can appreciate jazz should give it a listen.

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