0011. Sabu – Palo Congo [1957]


I, um… well… I probably could’ve lived without hearing this album.  I imagine it could be pretty amusing to think of someone like me listening to something like this.  I can’t really relate to the emotions on this album, nor can I think of a time I ever could.  This is a really upbeat album; lots of congo drums (as you may have been able to infer by the title), and lots of passionately hollered Spanish lyrics.  I won’t say this album sucks; like I say, I just can’t really relate to it.  Maybe my tastes will expand to include this and other stuff like it at some point, but for now, it’s just kind of irritating and uninteresting.  But hey, if you decide to check it out, I hope ya dig it.

Amusingly enough, Wikipedia doesn’t have much on this album, save for its presence in the 1,001 Albums book:

Palo Congo is the first album by conguero Sabu Martinez. It was listed in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “El Cumbanchero” 5:38
2. “Billumba-Palo Congo” 6:06
3. “Choferito-Plena” 4:02
4. “Asabache” 4:22
5. “Simba” 5:55
6. “Rhapsodia del Maravilloso” 4:39
7. “Aggo Elegua” 4:28
8. “Tribilin Cantore” 5:19


  • Louis “Sabu” Martinez
  • Arsenio Rodríguez
  • Raul “Caesar” Travieso
  • Israel Moises “Quique” Travieso
  • Ray “Mosquito” Romero
  • Evaristo Baro
  • Willie Capo
  • Sarah Baro


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