0009. Count Basie – The Atomic Mr. Basie [1957]


0009. Count Basie – The Atomic Mr. Basie [1957

Ok, if you’re not into swing / big band jazz at this point in my blog, maybe you should just stop reading this and go listen to Ke$ha or something.  Honestly, it’s difficult for me to extol the magnificence of jazz because I’m still somewhat of a neophyte.  By that, I mean that I pretty much haven’t heard any jazz album I haven’t liked.  By the way, modern light “jazz,” is not real jazz.  It’s bullshit.  I recently picked up a few “jazz” CDs from the 99 Cent store and while I was listening to one of them and driving down the freeway, I made it three tracks in and just ejected it and threw it out the fucking window.  Straight up.  I have no need for bullshit like that.  It brought to mind that scene in Wayne’s World 2 where Garth was getting his teeth drilled at a Kenny G show.


If you want to get into jazz, pretty much any of the jazz albums I’ve posted about thus far can serve as great introductions.  Or, if none of those albums are appealing, just wait until some of the Miles Davis albums come up.  If you don’t dig Miles, well, I guess you just don’t get it; probably never will.

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