0008. The Crickets – The “Chirping” Crickets [1957]


Alright, first off, I definitely think they should’ve reconsidered this album art. I’ve certainly seen better pictures of Buddy Holly, and surely better pictures of the other guys exist somewhere. Seriously, they look like they’re watching a donkey show or something. Anyway, aside from the cover art being silly, it’s not a bad album overall. I mean, if you like the early Beatles material, these guys are one of the Beatles’ inspirations, among many others (both Beatles’ inspirations and other bands). It’s a pretty short CD clocking in at around 30 minutes, but what it lacks in duration is adequately compensated for by the quality songwriting. However, this one isn’t a CD I’d choose to put on over a vast variety of others; not unless I was on a Buddy Holly retrospective or 50s rockabilly kick or something.

Regardless of its few shortcomings, I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Beatles, Rolling Stones and such, even if for no other reason than a bit of a music history lesson. As usual, the picture is linked to Amazon where you can hear some samples of the songs. If you’re into it, comment! If you think it sucks, comment! I promise, I won’t bite your head off for expressing your opinion about this album. 🙂

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