0003. The Louvin Brothers – Tragic Songs of Life [1956]


“You don’t have to be mad, murderous, drunken, driven, lonesome, ornery or blue to sing country music… but it sure helps.” I need to be drunk to be able to moderately enjoy country music. Seriously. This has always been a style to which I just cannot relate. The only part I enjoy about this album is the lyrics about murder and such. Too bad they’re marred by such a nauseating pair of “singers.” Blech. I don’t know if I’ll ever acquire a taste for this type of music, and though I rather highly doubt it, I won’t ever turn a suggestion down simply because it’s country. As usual, I put all the lyrics on all the files, but I think the album artwork is off. I think when I used the Tune Up app in iTunes, it threw on artwork for a later double-pack release. I honestly don’t care enough to change the artwork. If you care enough, Google Images is a great thing.

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