0002. Elvis Presley – Self-Titled [1956]

“This is certainly not the holy grail.” Concur, whole-heartedly. Really not much of a fan of Elvis in general, to be honest. In contrast to the Little Richard version, I thought Elvis’s rendition of Tutti Frutti was definitive of the negative connotations that come to mind when someone pejoratively describes something as being “white.” Fortunately, the Little Richard version does appear on an album of his a little later on in this list. Anyway, maybe I’ll develop a taste for Elvis eventually. I hope anyone who listens to this will enjoy it to some degree.

4 responses to “0002. Elvis Presley – Self-Titled [1956]

    • I gave ’em a listen. Still feel like a different artist could’ve given these songs a better treatment. Maybe I should watch an Elvis biographical documentary or something to understand him a bit better.

      • Not sure about the documentary. If you don’t respond to Trying To Get To You Elvis is probably not for you. I struggle to think of anyone who could do a better version of the song.

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